About us

Reifkogel is a service-provider in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry with a long history as a factory representative and broker, acting mainly as an independent mediator between buyer and seller. We have been supplying some well-known Manufacturers for more than 50 years. We have also kept an eye on the ever-changing needs in the respective markets.

Today, the business is divided into the following areas:

  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Food Chemicals
  • Feed Chemicals
  • Organic Intermediates

In cooperation with our customers and with suppliers, the continuity and reliability of our work is as equally important as the competitiveness in the focus of attention.
This includes the product and process characteristics as well as the analytical documentation. If necessary, we accommodate the customer’s demands for additional quality parameters or additional product and process their documentation.

Our experienced, professional and motivated team takes care of all aspects of the customer’s needs and are assisted by a self-developed and very comprehensive database. As a result of our daily contacts with the major manufacturers in the corresponding markets we have an excellent up to date knowledge about actual prices and market situation.

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Fax + 49 40-591645
E-Mail office@reifkogel.de